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AZM, having formed in 1978, is the oldest Pakistani company in the field of information technology. We have used various technological architectures over the years in terms of operating systems' platforms, hardware and communications equipment, development tools and project management aids. We matched the technological advancements with the emerging needs of our clients. Because of the grip on the local environment, AZM is the active participant in supporting the local industries to thrive up to the standards of the international trade. As a result, AZM has a large number of successful implementations approaching to 400 which is surely much more than any of the domestic competitors. Because of the changing direction of technology from custom made solutions to ERPs, AZM developed its own ERP named FICS, which is the biggest local ERP ever developed by a Pakistani company. This ERP is having 24 modules with complete integration and is also extendible to include about 10 compatible partners' solutions. Although we specialize in certain sectors yet we have capability to provide comprehendible solution to any organization.

To further prove the point, the number of implementations of its ERP till date is 40, which shows a great success when comparing to other local ERP's. The approximate value of services provided by AZM over the last three years is more than Rs. 150 million. The time spent by senior management of AZM on the implementation of applications in different industries approaches 182 person months during the same period. During the last three years AZM has successfully completed 34 different projects in Cement, Engineering Power, Textile, Leather, Surgical and in other industries. Our average implementation time is about 5.5 months and the average time and cost overruns are quite lower than the industry averages. We have well developed industry specific niche solutions for Cement, Textile, Engineering, and Chemicals sectors. Similarly, we have considerable experience of implementing systems in the public sector particularly supporting the effective service delivery through better management. We feel that our project management approach complimented by significant emphasis on change management and client focus and utilizing our multi-sectoral experience played most important role in successes over the four decades.

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