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In the recent times AZM has developed a Financial & Information Control System (FICS), which is the result of continues research and handwork done by AZM for the past 18 years. FICS is suitable for almost all the business concerns existing within and out of the country. For past few years a reasonable increase in the clientele of AZM is the strongest proof of the success of FICS.
The FICS is powerful, modular-based management accounting software that gives growing small & medium businesses the power and flexibility needed to meet the increasing demands of their expanding businesses without making the leap to the costs and complexities of many "big company" systems.
Designed specifically for small & medium, growing businesses, FICS is an affordable, easy-to-use financial and business management solution that helps users work more productively, access the information they need for timely decisions, and effective integration with other business applications.
FICS automates all the key business activities like stocks, sales, payroll and financials etc. along with quick and easy reporting. Ideal for companies outgrowing a basic accounting solution, FICS scales as businesses grow and offer secure accounting controls and reliable multi-user access, backed by training and support from AZM.

Major features of FICS proposed for small & medium businesses are:

Best value--Most powerful, full-featured, mid-range management accounting solution on the market today. Fills the huge gap between "Quick and Peachy" starter packages and expensive high-end products.
Single user/Network--Available in both single-user and network versions. Performs tasks from multiple workstations at the same time. File and record locking ensures accurate data.
Multi-function/Multi-task--Work in several FICS applications or even at several tasks within an application at the same time.
Sample Company--Practice systems and a sample company helps you familiarize yourself with the system before entering your own information.
Attractive reports--Cleaner, more professional reports utilize new fonts, layouts, and added flexibility. Utilize laser and dot matrix printer control and capabilities.
Bring your data to life--Increase the value of your data, easily send reports to Microsoft® Word® to add color, change fonts, add comments, etc. Send reports to Microsoft Excel® for management analysis.
Design financial reports--Customize the format of income statements and balance sheets to match your unique business needs.
Unlimited capacity--No limitation on the number of entries and records the system can track.
Tightly integrated--The System Manager module handles all one-time set-up functions, saving time and eliminating inconsistencies between modules. For example, enter company and account size information just one time.
Take full advantage of your hardware--Use all the power of your Pentium computer.
It's Windows: Simply point and click!--Easily operate the system using the keyboard or mouse, or any combination to match your comfort level.
AZM support--FICS products continue to be backed by AZM's top-of-the-line training, customer support programs and office network.
Extensive online help--All modules come with well-written, easy-to-use online help and handy documentation that walk you step-by-step through key procedures.



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