GBMS is designed & developed to accommodate the growing needs of SMEs, especially for the local industry having a asmall to large scale IT infrastructure.

The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) initiated a project aimed at development of an Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP for the

associations of Readymade Garments Manufacturing units of PRGMEA (woven garments) and Hosiery Manufacturing units of PHMA (knitted garments). We at AZM took this initiative and developed our GBMS – An Open Source Product to serve the particular industry. GBMS is designed & developed to cater the standard / general needs of all the sections/departments managing production, and to make the information available to other sections/departments & Top Management for quick access. GBMS also resolves the issues of data duplication & errors and timely delivery. GBMS is equipped with Browser based interface; Data export facility, Strong User management, Drill down menus & much more. We are confidant GBMS is the only available solution for the readymade garments manufacturing concerns & hosiery mills manufacturing industries and as we say it GBMS KNOWS YOUR NEEDS

If you are looking for something different & sophisticated ERP solution AZM invites you to catch a glimpse of the scope and flexibility of GBMS & we are sure you’ll find GBMS best suited for your business.

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